We show you what are the different processes that must be carried out, before the start of construction, to guarantee that your project starts with an excellent start. Design, coordination, and monitoring of plans and approvals, budget and feasibility, programming, quote, and contracting, all with a practical and 100% transparent approach.


We strive to always keep you informed of all the progress, we make it easy to put at your disposal the full scope of our services to carry out your remodeling requirements in a more effective way. We have a team of multidisciplinary professionals, made up of engineers, architects, workers, designers, and project managers, who, thanks to their experience in project execution, will support you in that remodeling that you want to do so much.


In our hands, you can trust the administration of work contracts and subcontracts, control and supervision of costs, quality assurance, programming, and proper monitoring and advice on decision-making. Additionally, you will be able to have real-time information on everything happening because we know that it is important for you to keep control of how everything is progressing. Thanks to our years of experience, we have everything you need for the successful execution of your project and you will have it within reach of a call to our project leader.


Our main strength lies in the passion, seriousness, and commitment that we take to each project, the primary objective being the complete satisfaction of all our clients, emphasizing the optimization of cost controls, industrial safety, environmental preservation, Execution, and delivery of works in the established time. In our hands, your project will come to life and we also support you by speeding up permits and necessary documentation.

We manage the necessary human capital for each project, placing at the disposal of all our clients a team of trained people at all levels of planning and execution of works, thanks to their commitment. It offers effective solutions that save time and costs, we minimize risks due to delays and additional costs in the work.

What would you think if we told you that you are one click away from making your dreams come true:



I own a home that I almost completely remodeled a few months ago. I am happy because without being present daily, the Map Trade team first guides me and then manages the human team and all the materials so that the house will be completely remodeled. Due to my profession, I have little time available and thanks to them, I did not have to run after contractors, taking care of all the procedures and stages of the process. For future projects, I will count on them again.

Thanks for everything,

Jimmy García

I had the opportunity to acquire a piece of land in an excellent area, at a good price, and after meeting with Marcos from Map Trades, we designed and built what I now call my home and made my family; dream come true. I recommend them because from the first moment they took me by the hand and accompanied me during this trip. Thanks for taking care of my budget and managing everything (including permissions). Working with professionals like those at Map Trades saved me a lot of headaches.

Kathelyn Fernández Kelly